Taylor Knestis

Performance Coach

Taylor Knestis is a Colorado born and raised offensive lineman. Graduating from Lakewood High School, he played football at the University of Wyoming. He finished his Bachelor's of Exercise Science at MSU Denver in 2019. Taylor experienced first hand why training and injury prevention is so important. He wants to bring the focus back to strength in the weight room, so people can perform better in all aspects of life. 

Certified through the NSCA, and with years of experience coaching the main barbell lifts, Taylor uses his coaching to sharpen the mind of his athletes for what is to come. The value of voluntary hardship goes unnoticed in this industry. Whatever level of competition you play at, this concept is what separates the athletes that thrive from the ones that just survive. At Ironworks, Taylor hopes to teach this to all people willing to get out of their comfort zone, and better themselves physically and mentally.