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Morgan sahm

Performance Coach

Morgan Sahm is a Colorado native and grew up in Aurora, Colorado. She recently graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  UNC is also where she received her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science along with a minor in Nutrition.  Not only did Morgan study at UNC she also was a Division I athlete for the Women’s Golf team. 

Being an athlete, she has first handily experienced the time, dedication, and effort it takes to be the best athlete you can be while balancing other aspects of life.  Strength and conditioning is an integral part of being in athlete. As an athlete, exercise physiologist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Morgan has experience inside of the weight room, in and after competition, along with the process of recovery and limitations which is full circle progression of what an athlete’s career looks like.

Morgan wants to continue her career where she is able to help others succeed and achieve their personal, athletic, and professional goals, as well as continue to learn and develop skills in a career she enjoys and be the coach that changes an athlete’s athletic career.