Rugby Performance

Rugby is a unique, grueling sport that requires a high level of training; Ironworks Performance has the experience and knowledge to prepare rugby athletes for battle on the pitch by meeting their specific training needs.

To develop the best rugby athletes we focus on time in the gym to develop strength, power, and durability to dominate and last 80 minutes. We take into account the needs of each position, prioritizing different aspects of performance to ensure that each athlete is ready to do their job on the pitch. We work to ensure our forwards are powerful and dominant in the set pieces and our backs have the explosive speed to break the line. 


Not only do we emphasize the importance of power and explosion in the foundations of our   training, we make it a priority to focus on improving the health and longevity of each athlete that comes through our program. With rugby being a physically demanding sport we take the steps necessary to strengthen and stabilize our athletes to allow them to dominate in contact, keeping them safe and healthy for the entire stretch of the season. 


At Ironworks we make each athlete a priority, not just a number on the field. Every athlete, much like the sport, is unique and requires a specific set of tools to bring their game to the next level. Join us and see how we can take your game to the next level.