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Ironworks PErformance Membership Cancellations

VOLUNTARY TERMINATION & CANCELLATION POLICY I may terminate this membership for any reason during the first 3 days of membership and receive a refund of the Membership Dues.​ This guarantee does not apply if I previously have terminated an Ironworks Performance or to any products or services that were a part of any membership package or that I or anyone else on this membership have purchased within this period. I may terminate or suspend this membership for any reason beyond the first 7 days of membership by giving advance written notice as described below.​ During the voluntary termination period, the privileges of this membership will remain in effect. To terminate or suspend my membership, I agree to provide FOUR WEEKS (30 days) advance written form filled out notice to Ironworks Performance. Terminations and suspensions will be effective 30 days following the date of notice (e.g., written/emailed notice received by Ironworks Performance on January 15 will terminate or downgrade my membership effective February 15). Any membership dues paid for partial months will be prorated to the effective termination or downgrade date.​ I must provide written/form filled out cancellation via one of two methods. I may go to and go to the bottom of the page and fill out the appropriate cancellation form. I may also email ​ and provide the following information. Payor Name, Client Name, Payor Address, Payor Email, Payor Phone, Reason for cancelling, satisfaction with the service that Ironworks Performance. I may provide written/emailed notice of termination or downgrades in person at my club or as otherwise permitted by Ironworks Performance alongside one of the Directors. No voluntary termination is effective until I have paid Ironworks Performance all amounts due and owing. Any refunds will be processed within 30 business days and refunded electronically to my designated credit/debit card or checking/savings account. 

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