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Open Gym

The Ironworks Open Gym membership offers 24-hour access to our premier sports performance training facility and weightlifting gym. Our facility caters to athletes in field sports, court sports, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and individuals seeking a private space to train and workout.

Spanning across 5800 square feet, our weight room features three Olympic platforms with full squat racks and bumper plates, three power racks, a reverse hyper, GHD (Glute-Ham Developer), hamstring machines, a belt squat, dumbbells, specialty bars, sleds, and medicine balls. 

With the Ironworks Open Gym membership, you gain access to the facility 24/7, allowing you the flexibility to train at your convenience. Please note that the 24-hour access is available to individuals aged 18 and above. 

Please note that the open gym membership does not include performance training.
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$69 Per Month

$29 Military/Fire/EMs


Adult Performance

Ironworks Adult Performance Is Designed To Help You Achieve Your Goals At Your Own Pace! Our Coaches Will Help Guide You Through A Functional Strength & Conditioning Session Featuring Resistance Training Workouts, Conditioning Focussed Workouts, But Most Of All Guiding You Through Each And Every Movement To Help YOU SUCCEED! 


Programming (In Person)

This membership provides a customized training program along with weekly consultations with a coach to monitor your progress. Our goal is to offer an elite-level program, a training facility, and a coach's guidance to ensure you optimize your training each week. We prioritize power and explosiveness in all our programs while emphasizing the improvement of athletes' health and longevity.
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