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Performance intern

Description & Application

Ironworks Mission

Elevate the game of every athlete through world class leadership, and a passion to teach the fundamentals needed to succeed on and off the field.



Ironworks was built and developed to help athletes gain a competitive edge on their competition giving them the opportunity to take their game to the next level and achieve the highest level of performance possible. Our goal is to build the bigger, faster, and stronger athlete. 


Our team was built around athletes who have played at the highest level, Athletes who have achieved their goals of becoming the best in their field, and a team who is dedicated to the development of each and every athlete.


We are committed to helping you succeed, what does it mean to be an Intern  at Ironworks? Continued investment in your knowledge and education, and an incredible desire to build not only the bigger, faster, and stronger athlete, but to build the best team in the state. 

It's time to achieve greatness.


Job Description

The Ironworks Performance Intern is an extension of the coaches at Ironworks. As an Ironworks Performance Intern you will have the opportunity to have hands on experience on the training floor working with athletes of all facets of training. 


Within the internship, each intern will be expected to build relationships with athletes and clients while training. Help maintain a safe and competent environment, push athletes to new levels and aid in the coaching process of each athlete. 


Performance Interns will be expected to complete an internship project assigned by the Director of Internships. This project will be designed to help accelerate your learning and development as a coach and help you achieve your long term goals in the fitness industry. 


All Performance Interns have the ability to apply for a Performance Coach position with Ironworks Performance upon completion of the Internship Program.


Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Aid in coaching of performance sessions, warm up, cool down, assessment of programming during sessions

  • Develop safe, professional, and comprehensive programs that drive the athlete’s goal of becoming a better athlete

  • Monitor and instruct athletes during sessions to maintain a safe training environment

  • Aid in the performance evaluations for new athletes and a pre-participation screening, and goal setting to help athletes achieve their desired level of performance

  • Provide assistance to athletes and coaches on the floor to ensure a safe environment

  • Document all aspects of programming


Position Requirements

  • College Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or Human Physiology

  • Current BLS/CPR AED Certification

  • Knowledge of performance coaching and athletics

  • Familiarity with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel

Preferred Requirements 

  • College Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or Human Physiology

  • Desire To Obtain NSCA CSCS or USAW

  • Current BLS/CPR certification



The Ironworks Performance Intern Program is an unpaid internship program. 

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