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Take your Performance To the Next level

We care about your performance here at ironworks; to help aid each and every athlete on their journey to take their game to the next level we have partnered with trainheroic to provide training to not only our athletes here at our facility, but the athletes who reside out of the area and are wanting to jump on a training program to elevate their game! we provide a monthly training membership option, pre-written programs, and one on one programming

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you


Best in class technology for athletes determined to elevate their game!

  • Access your training anytime, anywhere. Take your coach on the go.

  • Master your technique with instructional videos and clear narrative from our experts.

  • Track workouts in less than 10 seconds. Bye, bye training notebook.

  • Post questions and get feedback in the activity feed.

  • Stack up to the competition every day on our daily benchmark Leaderboards.

  • Show off PR’s on your personal athlete profile.

Sharpen The Iron

Its Time To Grind
  • To get to national signing day you’ll need to do things you’ve never done. Go harder than you have ever gone. Start TRAINING. Do the work. Log the hours. Trust the process. GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL

  • Preparation is the key to domination on the field or court. The best athletes have a plan. Access your training anytime, anywhere, on the iPhone or Android app. Working Max calculators provide the perfect prescription to keep you dialed-in and ready to go.

  • Training is a challenge. Tracking your progress shouldn’t be. We’ll take the math out of the analysis. Easily browse your training history. Bask in the glory of your PRs. Reflect on your Readiness, and crush your goals.

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