Christian Backes

Founder & Director of Athlete Development

Christian Backes founded Ironworks Performance with the goal to provide the highest level of strength and performance training to the Denver area developing the top athletes in the state of Colorado. 

Christian grew up in Aurora attending Grandview High School where he played football and basketball, ultimately deciding to play Division One football and Lacrosse at The University of Northern Colorado, after two short seasons, Christian moved on to play at the University of Wyoming but his career was cut short by concussions. This is when the love of giving back to the athletes became a reality. 

Christian has become one of the top names in the state, developing a number of Division 1, 2, & 3 level athletes as well as a few JUCO prospects. Additionally, Christian has spent time working with MLB, MiLB, and NFL athletes. Currently Christian is the head of Strength and Conditioning For Mountain Range HS Lacrosse, Northside Hustle LC, and works closley with Erie HS Lacrosse, Dawson Lacrosse, and Colorado State Mens Lacrosse. 

Each athlete that walks through the doors has the chance to play at the next level and will not only be prepared to compete, but be prepared to compete at the highest level, competing with the upper class-men in their respective sports.