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Semi Private Training

Ironworks Semi private training focusses around developing athletes at an elite level.

our semi private sessions are designed to create a competitive environment but also prepare each athlete for the next level. 
We do this by first assessing each & every athletes goals, strengths, and weaknesses & build a plan to make the strengths even better, but improve the weaknesses while focussing around injury prevention. 

As an athlete in the ironworks strength and speed program you will be trained in the weight room to build the strength and power needed to improve your speed and explosiveness on the field. 

on the field we will lock in on the technique work to increase linear speed, lateral speed, and overall change of direction to make you faster & quicker when game time rolls around. 

our goal is to help you become a better overall athlete and compete at the highest level possible whether thats high school, club, or at the collegiate level.

Semi Private Memberships include 2 days to unlimited days 

Sessions Can have up to 6 athletes

LEt's get to work!

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