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YAred Belay

 Performance Coach | B.S. CSCS

Born and raised in Denver, Yared attended George Washington High School where he first began to develop his passion for athletics. Throughout his high school career, he participated in football, rugby, wrestling, and track. After finishing high school, Yared attended Colorado State University where he played rugby and received his bachelor's degree in Zoology.


During his time at CSU Yared began educating himself in science-based weightlifting techniques and programming in order to improve his performance on the pitch. Applying his knowledge, he began training himself while coaching friends and classmates, teaching basic powerlifting techniques to maximize strength gains, while minimizing risk of injury. 


Desiring to further his education in fitness, he joined Ironworks in early 2021 as an intern and within a year, earned his CSCS.


Yared is excited to be on board the Ironworks team, training athletes with scientifically proven methods & principles to take their athletic performance to the next level.

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