Collagen: The Keys You Need To Know

Collagen supplementation has become a more common topic over the past few years in the strength & conditioning world as well as the cosmetic world for a multitude of reasons.

When it comes to athletics, weight lifting, and sports in general, collagen has been a supplement that has become more popular due to claims that it aids in joint and tendon health, and possibly increases muscle mass as well as health in hair, skin, and nails (For those wondering about cosmetics),

So what exactly is collagen? There are a couple types of collagen; Collagen Peptides, and Collagen Hydrolysate.


Collagen which is a type of protein abundantly available in the body. Collagen provides structure and elasticity in muscles, tendons, ligaments, essentially all of the soft and connective the tissues of the body. Collagen is made up of many different amino acids, glycine, proline, alanine, and glutamic acid.