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Easy Protein Pancakes Any Athlete Can Make

As an athlete, there seems to always be an excuse to not eat breakfast.. Whether it be they don't like it, don't have time, or really any reason they can think up..

To add to our egg bite recipe check out this easy flourless protein pancake recipe (Any athlete can make this, anytime of the week in prep for the mornings, It took us a total of 20 minutes).

No Excuses To Not Have Breakfast.

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Cook Time

10 Minutes

What You Will Need

Protein Powder (We Used Ironwhey by Ironwolf Nutrition) Flavor is up to you.. We used Vanilla

2 Eggs

Milk, Almond Milk, Etc.

2 Bananas

Optional.. Peanut Butter

Optional.. Baking Powder (For Extra Fluffiness)

Prep (5-10 Minutes)

1) Add All Your Ingredients To A Bowl & Mix

- 3 Scoops Of Protein Powder

- 2 Eggs

- 1/3 Cup Of Your Milk

- 1 Tbsp Of Peanut Butter

- 1 tsp Baking Powder

Note: You can sub milk for greek yogurt

- 1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

We ended up throwing the mixture in the blender to get the bananas to mash up better

The batter mixture will be a bit thinner since there is no flour to help thicken it up.. Be aware of this in the next steps during cooking.

Cooking (10-15 Minutes)

Using a 1/4 measuring spoon, scoop your batter and add to an oiled pan.

(We used Avocado Oil)

Cook on each side for 1.5-2 minutes or until golden brown.

Note.. Be slow when adding batter to the pan as it is thinner, it will run a little.

Serve Em Up

Eat Em Up, these are super easy to make a couple times throughout the week or as needed!

Mix these in with egg bites and you will be set every morning!

Some Want It

Some Don't

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