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Updated: May 9, 2022

Firstly, let us talk about training. Training is a structured program with the intent of accumulating an adaptation. For us, we train the trait called Strength. We think of strength as related to ones character or spirituality. In the weight room, it is physical strength we are training.

Strength is expressed at Force x Distance. Our ability to produce force against an external resistance is a direct marker for our work capacity, or how long/hard an organism can physically work for. For the athlete, the ability to produce force and maintain that ability is important for athletic development. But the concept of strength goes beyond what you see on the field, and can also be incorporated into the sport of life.

What is more significant? 1.) An athlete who puts 100 lbs. on his squat for a 1 rep max (1RM). Or 2.) an untrained 70 year old women who progresses from a body weight box squat, to a 40 pound safety squat bar for 2 sets of 5 reps? Both are significant to performance, but which one will carry over more into their sport? The athlete may see a change in their performance yes, but trainee #2 will carry that strength with them into their daily life. As a strength coach, my responsibility is to make you as strong as your genetics can allow. The question then becomes, "what type of strength do you want to carry with you?".

That's where Project: IRONSTRONG comes in. This program is not for the feint of heart, but is laid out to progress a client physically, no matter what point they are at in their lives. From the athlete who just got done playing sport, to the older individual whose never touched a barbell in their life. The whole point of Project IRONSTRONG is to promote fitness and well being through the use of the barbell. The barbell is the gold standard of measuring force produced and is useful in determining movement deviations compared to all other implements. Don't get me wrong, the barbell club will use dumbbells, bodyweight, and other types of training modalities. But the goal is to get you TO the barbell, no matter what!

Project: IRONSTRONG has a 3 step philosophy that dives deep into our values and what you hope to get out of it.

1.) Optimize Training

Everyone will be different in their training age. The barbell is the goal, but we understand there are things holding people back physically. Unfortunately, this is usually followed with a mental barrier that needs to be worked on as well. We direct our efforts to YOUR needs as an athlete, regardless of your sport.

2. Train with Purpose

Each session is based on a program that will be specialized and catered to week to week. Following the workout is one thing, but respecting the process is the other component to the Barbell club. Each exercise is designed to bring a desired outcome, but each rep requires intent and purpose behind it for it to be effective.

3. Training that is Focused

Each time you come in, there is a goal that needs to be accomplished. Our training is prioritized based off of your training needs (optimize) and is always done with intent (or purpose). Now comes the driving part of this philosophy, we need to hone in on how we train. Is it the other members of the club that inspire you? Is it the soreness that tells you you're getting stronger? Is your back not hurting as much as it was? Whatever the reason, find that reason and hold on to it. When the going gets tough, it is good to have this in the back of your mind to help you focus.

If you have any questions on Project: IRONSTRONG or training, please feel free to talk to any one of us at Ironworks. Are you ready to feed the wolf?


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